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We provide emergency towing 7 Days a week because cars and trucks don’t care what time it is when they stop, get in a wreck or break down. When you are in Tempe and say, “Is there a reliable tow truck near me?”, then we are dispatched as soon as you call to provide professional service to you. There is never a good time to need a Tow Truck company. We know how stressful it can be to be in your stranded car or truck waiting for the private towing company to arrive and hook up. That is why we provide our valued Tempe customers superior customer service at all times.

We send highly trained and experienced service technicians who focus on safety and speed to get you and your vehicle to your destination quickly, safely and efficiently. We use modern and well-maintained trucks while following all the best practices to provide you with best in class private towing service. Your safety is our top concern and treating your vehicle like our own has made us the top tier Tempe private towing company. When you say where is there a towing company near me and call us, our mission is to not only provide you with affordable towing but to earn a lifelong customer and referrals. We only make that happen by getting the job done well and keeping our customers happy.

Our towing customers are our number one priority whether they need motorcycle towing or vehicle towing. Our fleet of modern trucks will accommodate any type of light and medium duty private towing. We keep you and your vehicle safe and protected at all times.

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Tempe Car Lock Out Service

Lock Out

Have you locked your keys in the car and are stranded in Tempe? Call us, we have a lot of experience getting the car door unlocked when this happens. It happens to almost everyone sooner or later. No need to worry, we will get the door unlocked so you can get the car started and be on your way.

Flat Tire Tow Truck Service in Tempe

Flat Tire Change

Even the best tires will get a flat sooner or later. Hopefully it will be later but when it does go flat give us a call for our flat tire service. Changing a tire in the Tempe summer heat is probably the last thing anyone wants to do so call us to get you tire changed fast.

Tempe Battery Jump Start Service

Jump Start

The Tempe and Phoenix heat kills batteries. Most batteries last up to about three years in the desert heat. When the battery dies and you need a jump start let us come to you and jump the battery. Our trucks have heavy duty high power jump start cables designed to jump even high current demand starting systems.


Flat-Bed-Towing in Tempe
Tempe Flat Tire Change

Call us for super fast private towing service. If you are stranded and need Tempe city emergency towing service or need to move a vehicle on a scheduled call our dispatchers to get the job done.

There is never a good time in the city of Tempe for something to go wrong when you are driving. That is why we are your first choice for emergency towing and roadside assistance. Whether you have a flat tire that you need changing by one of our drivers or a dead battery that needs a jump start we will be there as fast as traffic allows. Faster than a dog can Yelp. Just click to call us when you say to yourself in that stressful time somewhere in or near Tempe city limits, or when you feel like yelling, is there a wrecker near me that can quote a fair price!

Well, the answer to that question is yes. Our fast and reliable Tempe based city staff will travel to you with the right tow truck to get the job done. We have years of on the road experience in the local Phoenix East Valley and surrounding cities.

We don’t take our time traveling to you in Tempe. We know you are in a bind and need service fast. Our trucks and drivers know all the roads by chapter and section in Tempe and the Tempe traffic patterns so we take the best routes to get to you quickly.

We also know that you have a budget and we charge affordable private rates. We take all forms of payments so you can get the assistance you need at a price that won’t break the bank. We want referrals from our customers so we treat them like we want to be treated.

Flat Bed and Wheel Lift

Most automotive private towing is done with these two services. If the car can be rolled on either the two front or two rear wheels a wheel lift can be used by code. This code, chapter and section type method lifts one set of wheels off the ground and pulls the car on the other set of wheels. Some advantages are that the towed vehicle have a low profile and can get through low overhangs such as garage doors and openings. These trucks are commonly called Holmes Tow Trucks and are named after the original inventor Ernest Holmes.

Flat Bed Towing uses a truck with a flatbed section that slides down to the ground at an angle forming a ramp section. They are often owned by private companies and follow every code and chapter in the city regulations. The towed vehicle is then pulled up onto the ramp, usually with a winch. The ramp is then pulled back up onto the truck bed to where the towed vehicle is now on the bed of the truck. These type of trucks can move vehicles that cannot be rolled so they are a great chapter of a towing service for Arizona. They are commonly used for cars that have been in an accident but they can be used for cars that will still roll. Because the towed vehicle is now on the back of the truck the overall height is greater. This means some openings and doorways may be too short for them to go under with the vehicle on the flatbed.

Flatbeds can also be used to haul almost anything. If it can be put on the bed it can be towed and moved if the owners follow the best practices in any regulatory code and chapter. This includes towing motorcycles, cars, machinery, sheds, trucks and almost anything you need to tow or haul. Contact our staff for any questions on what we can tow or haul for you.

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Arizona has great weather most of the year in the Valley of the Sun otherwise known as Phoenix Metro but there are some really hot months in Tempe between June and September. During those months we have extreme heat that is dangerous and we also have the monsoons. So having a stranded vehicle during these months can be really hard on a private person. Be careful, if you find yourself needing a wrecker service during those hot months don’t expose yourself to that intense Arizona heat for long. Time in the excessive heat can be very dangerous and heat stroke and dehydration can easily occur. Let us bring a cool, air conditioned wrecker and cold water when you need help.

We love the Phoenix area and private life and provide our towing service throughout Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa and Tempe but give us a call if you are farther out and still need a private carrier. We really value our private seasonal residents who fly south like the smart snowbirds. They bring a lot of class and their hard earned spending in our valley definitely helps our local economy. We very much appreciate that and hope to provide these valued seasonal residents help when they need it. We also value our students at ASU in Tempe and the faculty who put so much time end effort in our children’s futures.

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