Tempe Tow Truck Service

Tempe Towing Service

We provide emergency 24 hour towing 7 Days a week because cars and trucks don’t care what time it is when they stop, get in a wreck or break down. When you have to say, “Is there a reliable tow truck near me?”, then we are dispatched as soon as you call to provide professional service to you. There is never a good time to need a tow truck. We know how stressful it can be to be in your stranded car or truck waiting for the towing company to arrive and hook up. That is why we provide our valued customers superior customer service at all times.

We send highly trained and experienced commercial Tempe towing service technicians who focus on safety and speed to get you and your vehicle to your destination quickly, safely and efficiently. We use modern and well maintained equipment while following all the best practices to provide you with best in class tow service. Your safety is our top concern and treating your vehicle like our own has made us the top tier local tow company. When you say where is there a towing company near me and call us, our mission is to not only provide you with affordable towing but to earn a lifelong customer and referrals. We only make that happen by getting the job done well and keeping our customers happy.

Emergency Towing

If your car has been involved in an automobile accident and you need a tow truck, please give us a call. Often a flatbed tow truck is the best vehicle to tow a car that has been damaged in an accident. Sometimes the car or truck has more damage than can be seen at the car accident site. There is a potential to cause more damage by using a wheel lift tow truck and rolling the damaged vehicle. By putting the damaged car or truck on the bed of the tow truck the vehicle stabilized and more damage is much less likely.

Motorcycle Towing

Do you need to move your motorcycle and need a tow company? Give us a call and our staff will get you scheduled and cared for. We tow motorcycles all the time and have the right tow trucks to transport your motorcycle safely and quickly. Whether it is an emergency or a scheduled move we have the right vehicles, tools and staff to meet any motorcycle towing situation.

Specialty Car Towing and Transportation

Pick It Up Towing is the right company for car towing in the East Valley. Do you own a specialty or classic car in need of special care when being towed? Our experience and modern wrecker service will provide you the quality results you need for these towing situations. We know that these types of vehicles have a special value to their owners and we take a lot of pride in protecting your specialty car when we tow it. When someone has put a lot of time and effort to restore a classic car they need commercial towing services to transport their car the right way. All towing companies are not created equal so make sure to use seasoned professionals who have been in business for years. We are one of these companies and our value shows by our results.

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