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The History of Tow Trucks

Tow trucks have a long history of assisting stranded vehicles.  From a pulley system of ropes and blocks along with a few strong men, a truck vehicle could be pulled form a creek or a ditch in moments.

The tow truck has improved over time and has become what it is today, in many variations.  Many tow truck are operated in private businesses that service the local area.  For instance, Tempe, Arizona is a centrally located city that a tow truck company would thrive.

Having easy access to various freeways, a Tempe two truck service will provide efficiency and prompt roadside assistance to those stranded vehicles in the southeast valley.

There are also the various tow trucks that specialize in different types in towing.  Since Tempe, AZ is in a very transit state with seasonal visitors and almost 365 days of sunshine, the traffic and travel that happens will produce certain types of tow services.

  • Flat- bed tow services: This is a modern roadside assistance vehicle that has a tilt tray that allows the vehicle to ride in a horizontal position to its destination. Classic Car Shows are a popular event here in Tempe.  Proud car owners want to show off their prized possessions but also don’t want to put the miles on their vehicle.  Being centrally located in Tempe, a tow truck service has access to the major freeways so that your vehicle will be able to attend any of the popular car shows.
  • Roadside Assistance Services: This is the most popular service of a Tempe tow company. With the heat many vehicles tend to overheat as well refrain from running.  This could also be due to a corroded battery, no gasoline, a blow out or flat tire or an accident.  Having access to the 60 freeway as well as the 101 and the 202 freeways, a centrally located tow service will be able to tend to clients in a timely manner.
  • Vehicle Recovery: This is when a vehicle is needed to brought back to its home. The vehicle is stranded and is in non-working order.

Who Invented the Tow Truck?

Having its start in Chattanooga, Tennessee the design of Ernest Holmes Sr. (the inventor) as well as displays of tools, equipment and historical pictorials of that industry, are recognized by in the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum in his then home. We are a recongized and 24/7 commercial towing service that serve the whole of East Valley.

Some tow trucks have a boom which allows the truck to recover from a ditch or embankment.  Some booms pivot and telescope, but overall they do the job.  Modern conveniences are appreciated by the towing operator in the situation where there needs to be heavy vehicle recovery.

The nowadays operations of a tow truck company are what residences and visitors to Arizona need.  From changing a flat tire in the blistering heat of the Arizona sun, to unlocking your vehicle when you thought you had your keys and realized you didn’t.  From running out gasoline to 24/7 roadside assistance. Pick It Up Towing has the most economical towing prices.

In Arizona, the closer the tow company is located to your location, the less time and hassle you have in waiting and trying to handle the situation all on your own.

Being centrally located in Tempe, AZ. allows a professional tow truck serviceto access the west valley or east valley of the greater Phoenix Arizona easily and quickly. Being in such a prime locale will be one reasons a tow company deserves a five start rating.

Knowing the history of the tow truck and how valuable they are to the highways hopefully will make you more conscientious of choosing the right tow truck company.  If you are an Arizona resident or visitor remember, if you want prompt and quick service then choose Tempe AZ Towing Company that can tend to you as fast as you call.